Ein besonderer Gruß aus Nepal

Den ersten Teil unserer Nepalreise verbringen wir in der Navodayaschule in Tarkarichowk, Chitwan. In unregelmäßigen Abständen haben wir schon heute Kontakt zu Bruder Michael Chirayath CST, dem Leiter der Schule. Meist geht es nur um einen kurzen Gruß oder die Beantwortung einer Frage, aber heute kam diese E-Mail, die ich in Teilen hier veröffentlichen möchte. Bruder Michael hat sich tatsächlich die Mühe gemacht, diesen Blog online zu übersetzen und dann zu lesen. Hier ist seine Antwort, die uns bestätigt, dass die geplante Horizonterweiterung eben nicht nur im Himalaya stattfindet, sondern auch beim Besuch der Chepangschule. Ich freue mich gleichermaßen darauf.

Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for your quick reply and the link of Gaby & Klaus‘ (and of yours too?) blog. I opened the blog, and fortunately there was option to English translation. I went through it and it is truly interesting, and it manifests your mental preparations to visit Nepal. You have taken it seriously. This is great. (…)

One thing interesting I noticed in your blog. You wrote, „we are literally capable of thinking beyond the church tower.“ This is a great reflection of your mind’s exposure to truth and freedom. Truth cannot be restricted to the four walls of the church, and certainly we should be able to think „beyond the church tower“, to grasp the truth beyond. (John 4:21-23). I am sure, your exposure to another country and other religious practices (other than Christianity) will expose your mind to greater truth, and help you to see brighter horizons.
You also wrote, „I am fortunate to be one of the 10% of the world’s population that does not focus on life-sustaining but on the realisation of life“.  I am really excited to read it. Jesus said, „One thing is necessary; and Mary has chosen it“. I strongly feel that ‚one thing that is necessary‘ is the realisation of life, and I feel you have rightly grasped its importance. You are truly a philosopher. I understand that with this philosophical and reflective mind you will learn many new things from Nepal.

I am happy that you are prepared to stay in our guest rooms in the campus in spite of its inconveniences and discomforts. Thus we will have more time together. I am happy.

With every good wish,
Yours sincerely,

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